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Top 5 Graphic Designer Questions asked During interview

Why did you choose to become a graphic designer?

A graphic designer must have creative zeal and passion for their profession. Through this question, interviewers assess what drives the candidate.

Share your experiences with design, educational background, and skills that make you a good graphic designer.

Which graphic design tools and applications are you familiar with?

Apart from artistic inclination, graphic designers must also be up to date with technological advancements.

Use designs from your portfolio and discuss the tools and applications you use to create designs and your proficiency with them.

What should be a designer’s priority while creating a design?

This is a common graphic design interview question. Interviewers ask this question to understand your perspective as the priorities are subjective and differ for all designers.

Discuss the aspect that you think is most important for design. Focus on the “why” and “how” to answer effectively.

How do you sustain long-term interest in designing for one brand?

Working for the same brand can be monotonous and one has to find ways to make sure that their job does not become monotonous.

Here are 5 things that can help you stay interested:

  • Know the answer to “why” you are here.
  • Acknowledge the learning process.
  • Innovate and create new methods of design.
  • Experiment with designs.
  • Keep learning new trends and techniques.

How do you deal with negative feedback?

Here are some tips to deal with negative feedback:

• Don’t react immediately, take time to understand the concern.
• Analyze feedback.
• Identify the pros and cons.
• Take feedbacks positively.
• Learn from the feedback.

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