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Degree Course in Multimedia

Multimedia Design and Technology is an extremely riveting innovation that has brought a rapid transformation in the way we see, imagine, and perceive the world around us. It has made human communication interesting by designing complex and interactive communication models and engaging films and games. If you are someone who is good with computers and has a knack for designing and creating, here is all the information that you will need about the different multimedia degree courses offered across the world and how a career in Multimedia and Animation can be rewarding for you.

Multimedia Course Details

Multimedia and design are intricately linked with many diverse disciplines. These specializations include Animation, Photography, Visual Effects, Web Design, Interior Design Fine art, and Fashion design. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Multimedia tend to focus on giving a wholesome understanding of all the core and allied disciplines of Multimedia Technology. On the other hand, short courses like a diploma or certificate course, concentrate on a particular form of Multimedia like Animation, Web Design, Editing, etc. Universities that offer Multimedia courses recognize the need for students to develop skills across the different fields and that’s why they offer a wide variety of subjects and electives.

Subjects Covered

Mentioned below are some of the key subjects associated with Multimedia Technology:

  • Animation: Multimedia courses essentially involve learning and creating animated illustrations. Students get introduced to various concepts like 2D animation, 3D animation, typography, stop motion, etc. 
  • Photography: Images are a key constituent of every multimedia platform. As a result, multimedia courses involve a number of activities that polish a student’s photographic abilities. In this topic, students learn about angles, horizon, aspect ratios, basic photo editing, etc.
  • Post Production: Typically, this stage takes place after the completion of a film shoot or creation of the essential parts of a video or animation. In post-production, skills of integrating the animation with sound, visual effects, motion graphics etc are taught in great detail. 
  • Interior Designing: Interior design is the art and study of understanding individuals’ conduct to make useful spaces inside a building to decorate the interior of a place to make it more fashionable and attractive. Our team of faculty guides the students to become an innovative interior designer.
  • Fashion Designing: Fashion attributes to the dynamic standards and interests of the world. Being fashionable is synonymous to being in trend. Fashion isn’t only a way to dress but a way to live life. Be it lifestyle, be it clothing, be it accessories, be it fitness proportions these all aspects of life can be groomed by different shades of fashion. As far as Fashion design is concerned as the subject, it’s the art and stream that deals with instilling life in a material with the innovation, ideas and techniques from both classic and modern world.


The eligibility depends upon the course you are pursuing. There are some multimedia courses you can pursue after 12th where some need work experience and undergraduate degree. Here is the eligibility criteria of multimedia courses:

  • Minimum 50% in class 12th is required in every course.
  • A bachelor degree in related field for postgraduate multimedia courses is mandatory.
  • Work experience in the related field is mandatory in some universities offering postgraduate multimedia courses.

List of Multimedia Courses

Now that you are familiarized with the course details and subjects of these programs, here is a list of the best multimedia courses you must consider:

  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Web Design
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interactive Digital Media 
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Experimental Media
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Animation & VFX
  • Bachelor of Animation & Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Photography
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Master’s in Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • Master of Design in Design Studies – Visual Communication Design
  • MA in Multimedia Journalism
  • MA in Journalism & Multimedia Communications
  • MA Public Relations & Multimedia Communications

Career Prospects and Salary

Multimedia courses prepare a student for rewarding careers in a plethora of fields. After completing a course in Multimedia, many enter the film industry or those with an Engineering background go for graphic-centric industries like and animated movies and some may even choose to enter journalism, media, etc.  Some of the popular career prospects are mentioned below:

  • Animator
  • Web Designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Game Designer
  • Digital Photography
  • Film Assistant
  • Advertising Graphic Creator
  • Media Analyst
  • Sound or Video Editor
  • Recording Engineer
  • Publishing Graphics Creator
  • Communications Engineer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer

Best Multimedia Courses College in India

Pixart Multimedia Institute (PMI) in Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India offering multimedia courses at different levels such as integrated, diploma, undergraduate degrees, and post-graduate.

Conclusion: Choosing the right course and the right college can be a tough decision especially when you want to specialize in a field like animation, let the Pixart counselors assisting you in coming to an informed decision so that nothing can come between you and your dream career.

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